Art Direction
Graphic Design 


I consider myself a creative problem solver who is able to bring fresh ideas to the table, regardless of the medium. In my 14 years of experience working in design, branding, marketing, advertising and PR, I have had the fortune to work with highly skilled teams in some of the leading international creative agencies. Working in these environments has offered me a wealth of knowledge and experience in numerous communication arenas including TV, social and content, digital & interactive outdoor, app & website development, traditional & 360/VR film production, experiential, print for outdoor & editorial and in-store & retail design.

I understand the importance of being collaborative, passionate, proactive and organised in a busy workplace where deadlines are tight and client’s expectations are high. My background in graphic design has given me a versatile skill set as an art director and at heart I am a craftsman with an eye for detail and strong conceptual and visualisation skills. I have had extensive experience building campaigns from a conceptual stage and overseeing the whole production process from small businesses to globally renowned brands. I have a strong work ethic and I treat every project with the same diligence. 

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