Art Direction
Graphic Design 



Asics It’s A Big World,
Go Run It. 

Asics multi-specialist sports brand that caters for all types of runners, whether you are a long distance road runner, an adventurous trail runner, a nimble city runner or a specialist ice runner. Their products  are made for runners, by runners. The idea was to represent these different running tribes and have them come together on a fantastical mountain made up of every type of running terrain; snow, ice, sand, mud, water, tarmac and concrete, showing off Asics’s multi-specialist range.

This brand campaign utilised Asics sponsored athletes and it was seeded globally as an interactive 90” online film, a 60” TVC during key sporting events, along with 30” and 20” teasers. It was also seen in print, outdoor, online and in-store, world-wide.

Director: Chris Sargent
Production Company: Somesuch

Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Photography: Ben Ingham

90” TVC


Large format panorama-scapes juxtaposed the
running tribes in their awesome natural setting. 

Product Outdoor & Editorial

Continuing the campaign idea into print, we created dioramas on the base of each running shoe that reflected the environment of each running tribe. For instance, the Natural Running shoe is for shorter city runs, so the landscape contains lots of grand steps, raised bridges, tiered platforms and promenades, posing physical challenges to the Natural Runners. 

Marathon Activaton

Tactical, city-specific marathon executions were seen creating
a buzz around the world’s biggest marathons.