Art Direction
Graphic Design 



LEGO Dreamzzz

Dreamzzz is the latest entertainment IP from LEGO. My brief was to create a big launch announcemnet for a new animated TV series and to get parents and kids between 7-11 to watch the show. 

The story follows a group of children who can access a Dream World when they fall asleep. They must learn to master this environment and protect it from an evil Nightmare King and his army. 

The campaign idea uses the charatcter’s sidekicks (called Dream Creatures) to stage a mass breakout from the Dream World into our reality. 

I worked with the team at LEGO to realise the campaign from conception to production and delivery of 3 bespoke anamorphic 3D billboards, a 60s content film and 4 x 10s  social teasers, along with a whole toolkit of trailers and content for LEGO markets around the world. 

Creative Partners: Amplify
Billboard Animation: Inertia
Film Production: Private Island
Director: Chris Boyle

Billboard Breakout

We took over anamorphic billboard sites to create 3D posters in Picaddilly, London, Times Square, New York & Shinjuku, Tokyo. Each billboard site features a different creature with a bespoke execution.

There is a connected narrative across each site. The three Dream Creatures emerge from the Dream Realm via portal doors, then escape into the real world by breaking out of the billboard. This starts an activation for kids to hunt for the Dream Creatures across LEGO owned media.

Times Square, New York. 

Shinjuku, Tokyo. 

Piccadilly Circus, London. 

My storyboards for the sequences. 

Hunt for the Dream Creatures Content Film  

A 60s content film released accompanied the billboards,
urging kids to start their search for the
Dream Creatures across

Social Teasers 

A set of teasers were released on LEGO social
channels and paid media. The Dream Creatures
are sghted around the globe, as if they were
documented in the wild. 

Character Posts 

A selection of social posts shared
by the voice over talent.