Art Direction
Graphic Design 



Siemens Employer Brand 

Siemens make the technologies that make cities smarter, revolutionize design and manufacturing and build infrastructure for entire countries. It’s their people who make all of this happen. In a world of networked, hyper-connected talent Siemens need their people to be their voice. With the team at R/GA I developed a new employer brand program for Siemens, starting an internal conversation with their employees about what it’s like to be a part of Siemens in order to crystalise their culture and attract the future talent. 

We Are Future Makers 360˚ Content Series 

We kicked off the new employee program with the launch of 360 content series, 'We Are Future Makers', documenting the lives of real people at Siemens. Using 360 film, anyone can transport themselves into the lives of others across their network. We get the individuals perspective on what it's like to work at Siemens and each film poses a different question for further internal discussion and activation: “How can we prepare the next generation of engineers?” or “How will digitalization change the way we work together?” The films are best viewed with a Google Cardboard, VR headset or on your mobile to get the full immersive experience. 

Some of my scamps for the 360 storyboards.

We Are Future Makers App

We developed the Siemens 360 app to house both the launch films and ongoing Siemens employer brand content. The app will become part of a long-term platform, offering a window into Siemens global network for their employees and potential talent, who will be able to connect with life at Siemens through the app’s channel. It hosts content documenting and sharing an entire global program of events, talks and happenings. Everything from engineering challenges and hackathons to job swap programs, grad initiatives and employee awards for outstanding achievements.

We Are Future Makers Cardboard Viewer

To create a buzz and cut through the usual office channels of communication, every employee was given their own Siemens branded cardboard viewer on the day of launch to watch the films and content through the app.

Launch Day 

In bigger Siemens hubs we hosted premieres with an immersive 360 dome theatre. In offices with wifi, employees will each receive cardboards and learn more about the new program from ambassadors and installation experiences.

Siemens Employer Brand 

I worked with the team at R/GA to define the photography guidelines, look and feel and brand guidelines for the Siemens Employer Brand. The visual identity system focussed on a simple graphic style that aligned with the strategy of starting conversations within the organisation. The communications aimed to inspire teammates around the network and transport future talent into the exciting world of engineering.